About Us 

The Newark Area Soccer Association (NASA) is a 501c3 charitable youth educational association established in 1991.  The program and facility that we have today are a result of the many hours of volunteer efforts from our current and past parents and club members. 

Our Vision 

The vision of the Club is to have more people playing soccer and to raise the overall awareness of the sport in the county. Every facet of the game requires more organization. It is simple enough to promote more soccer. To have better soccer games the players will need more educated coaches, more experienced referees, more knowledgeable fans, better fields, and a more comprehensive program to bring the players great skill and appreciation of the sport of soccer.  

Our Dream 

Finally, our dream is for every one of our members and their families to live each day with: 


NASA – Where children of all ages learn, grow, play and participate in a safe, friendly, healthy environment!