Indoor Futsal Covid Protocol

NASA Indoor Winter Futsal 2021/2022 Updated Covid Protocol

Effective as of 12/31/21

Due to an increase of Covid cases in Licking County, we will be asking everyone to follow the protocol listed below.

1. All players and spectators are required to wear masks while in the building. Players will only remove masks when they are actively on the “field of play”.

2. Please limit the number of spectators in the building to one per player. Note: the games are live streamed on our Facebook page.

3. If players or spectators have any “cold like” symptoms, fever, cough, or any other illness please stay home.

4. If players or spectators have tested positive within 5 days of the scheduled game, please stay home.

We look forward to continuing our indoor program, and at the same time, want to keep everyone healthy! Thanks so much for following these guidelines!


The Staff at NASA