7U Laws



Field of Play – The field will be 30 x 40 yards with 2 small goals at each end. The outside post of each goal will be placed one yard from the intersection of the goal arc and goal line inside the goal arc on the goal line.

Two goals

BALL (Law 2)

Size 3

Numbers of Players (Law 3) – 4 v 4 with Goalkeepers. The goalkeeper must be designated with a shirt that does not match any field players. (Any color other than red or white). Substitutions are made at a stoppage after a referee acknowledges a player to enter from the mid line. Also, a coach may sub a player or a referee may ask for a substitute instead of using the carding procedure. Other substitutions are required based upon the score.


Uniform (Law 4) - Club uniform, shirt tucked in, shin guards (covered by socks), shirt color (home team red), shoes (cleats or flats- no front or metal cleats)

Safety of Children

(shoes, shin guards)

Referee (Law 5) – One center referee is requested to take the game. In the event that no referee can be found then a parent must fill-in as a referee.


Referee or parent

Length of Game (Law 7)

Halves 25 minutes.

60 Minutes

Kick Off (Law 8) Center of field, indirect - ball can be kicked in any direction and not be touched a 2nd time by same player.

Indirect kick

(Defense outside circle)

Scoring (Law 10) 1. A goal may be scored in the net of either goal on the goal line.

2. If a team gains an advantage of 4 goals, the losing team may place an additional player on the field.  If the advantage goes below 4 goals, the losing team must remove the extra player from the field.

1. To attempt to create a more fair and equitable match. 

 2. To remind coaches that the objective of the League is for the kids to have fun.   

Arc Rule (Law 10) - Only defending team goalkeeper is allowed in Arc. Defenders and attackers (outfield players) are not allowed to enter arc. Therefore a goal cannot be scored if the scorer is inside arc, if this occurs restart with a goal kick. If a defending teams player stops a clear goal in the arc a penalty is to be awarded for the attacking team.

Common Sense -

1. If outfield players are in arc and not affecting the play just politely

remind them only GKs are allowed in there.

2. GKs can leave arc, please promote them to be part of the outfield play

when possible.

1. Outfield players may reach in and drag the ball back out of the arc with their foot

Offside - (Law 11) – There is no offside enforced in the run of play. 

Fouls (Law 12) - Opponent 3 yards away from the ball. Placement of the ball must be at least 3 yards away from the goal arc. 

Direct Kicks - kicking, tripping, jumping, charging, pushing, slide tackling, holding another player and handling ball (goalies)

Indirect kicks - pass back to goalies hands, and unfair play.

Indirect/direct free kick

Penalty Kick (Law 14) - PK from top of arc, all field players must stand outside goal arc during penalty kick. The goalkeeper may stand up to one yard from the goal line towards the kicker.

Direct Free Kick

Throw In (Law 15) - Opponent 3 yards  away - player cannot receive a ball from a throw in inside the arc. The purpose of the throw in is to get the ball back into play. Give a player a two chances prior to resumption of play if necessary. No penalty for foul throw.

Throw In


Goal Kick (Law 16) -  When the ball crosses end line off of the offensive player, kick taken anywhere in/around goal arc - opponent Defenders must be retreat to build out line (past the half way line) from a goal kick to allow the ball back in play. 

Indirect Free Kick

Corner Kick (Law 17) - When ball goes over goal line off of the defensive player, opponent 3 yards away from the ball. 

Indirect Free Kick

Common Sense (Law 18) – Coaches must play all players at least 50% of the game. Safety first. Coaches may agree to play quarters if they both agree and inform the referee. KEEP PLAYERS OUT OF AND AWAY FROM THE GOALS AND NETS!

Enjoy the game

Heading (Law 19)- Deliberate heading of the soccer ball is not permitted in accordance with new US Soccer regulations.

Indirect Free Kick